Nick Carter Revealed On Canada’s “Chanteurs Masques”

It wasn’t that long ago that Nick Carter performed for the entire season of ‘The Masked Singer’ as a pink crocodile, covering songs from Journey to Britney Spears, baffling the judges week after week. After the season aired, he spoke fondly of the experience, expressing that there was a newfound excitement in performing as someone other than himself.

So it was no surprise when he returned to the stage as a Sphynx cat for one episode of ‘Chanteurs Masques’, where he performed as the one-time International mystery star. Delivering a stellar rendition of Heart’s “Alone” and ending the show with a performance of “I Want It That Way”, Nick’s appearance on the show broke viewership records, drawing in over 2 million viewers.

You can watch Nick talk about his thoughts behind the appearance and costume here.