Catch Up With Nick Carter : March 2022

In the last month, Nick has traveled to two comic cons on the East coast, released a single with Jimmie Allen, went back into rehearsals with Backstreet Boys to gear up for their return to the stage, and hit the gym harder than ever to get back in “tour shape”, all while being a dad to three!

In between all of these things, he has sat down to do a few interviews, chatting about his present and his future. Catch up on everything you might have missed with the quotable moments below!

“Maybe there’s a moment that they can just disconnect from the real world. That’s why people go to movies. That’s why people go to concerts. That’s why people listen to music.” | Elite Daily

“I just want [my children] to be better than me.” | We Are Family Podcast

“It’s a challenge and by the end of the day, I’m exhausted and I’m going to sleep and waking up early. I absolutely love it.” | People

“I’m excited that they are going to be able to have each other later in life and to be able to watch each other and be there for each other. They’re all going to grow up together and that, to me, is great for them.” | US Weekly

“Get ready for the most incredible couple of years that you have ever experienced. We truly are back and we are motivated more than ever.” | Digital Journal